Special Cancellation Policy:

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Salt Rock Hotel is committed to ensuring our customers experience flexibility during these challenging times.

  • For individual guests who have a reservation and are due to check in before the 30 April 2020 we will allow full changes or cancellation with a 10 % admin fee charge.
  • Cancellations must be done in writing no less than 48 hours prior to arrival or our standard cancellation policy will apply.
  • Please note that any changes to existing reservations will be subject to availability and any rate differences.
  • Changes to existing bookings have a 12 month booking period.
  • Our standard cancellation policy will apply from 01 May 2020.
  • Guests who booked via online travel agents or other third-party travel professionals are advised to contact their booking provider for information on their policies.

*Important Information:

  • Some exclusions apply which may exclude periods with special event restrictions or peak and high seasons.
  • Please enquire at Salt Rock Hotel reservations for details when changing your booking.
  • Individual reservation refunds of any kind (e.g., cash or credit voucher) may take up to 90 days from the date of cancellation to be processed.
  • For group bookings, please refer to cancellation terms on our website or for more information, please contact the group and conference organizer at the Salt Rock Hotel on +27 0[32] 525 5025.