• Swimming pool at Salt Rock Country Club                        

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Salt Rock Hotel & Resort

Hotel Road
Salt Rock

Tel: 032 525-5025
Fax: 032 5255071

Email: park@saltrockbeach.co.za

Manager: 0825619871

Tidal Pool built by Basil Hulett in the 50's
situated directly in front of the Caravan Park..
The pool is enjoyed by many holiday makers
visiting the hotel and staying at the park.
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Log Cabin site 30
Plett site 77
Plett 79
Kindly take note that Timeshare also have self catering units. Please ask to be connected to bookings for Timeshare as this is situated on the resort.

Plett 57
Plett 63
KZN's Best Kept secret situated on the KZN North Coast
Salt Rock Caravan Park
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