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Limited units available throughout the year for rental at Salt Rock Palms situated on the resort. These units comprise 10 fully furnished well designed units. There are 4 - 4 sleepers and 6 - 6 sleepers. The complex is well situated with just a short walk to the beach overlooking the magnificent view of the sea.

Contact the sales office for sales or rental of units.

Just half an hour from Durban, 15 minutes from the King Shaka International Airport, Salt Rock is a haven of tranquility away from the crowds. Units are just metres from the landmark tidal pool, and the resort has access to all the amenities the hotel has to offer.
You can cater in or wine and dine at the hotel or the local restaurants all within walking distance.

Friday 14.00 /10.00

Key/Remote deposit

The check in and check out times are important. Please consider the other guests. Prep times are extremely tight.

4 & 6 sleepers
Self - catering full unit
Microwave, oven & hob, telephone, DSTV, Braai facilities, cleaning services


Beach Fishing Swimming pool
Tidal pool
Dining room
Bamboo lady's Bar
Beach Bar
Ipi Tombi Massage Spa
Free WIFI - fair use policy.

Other facilities

Nearest town  (Umhlali) 5 km.
Supermarket - 2 kilometres.
Golf 5 km
Gym 5 km
Medical facilities - 2 km
Shopping centres 5 km
Tourist attractions
Game farm 100 km
Ushaka Marine World 50km
Sibaya Casino 20km
Sun Coast Sun casino 50km

Week number 1 starts on the 1st
Friday of each year.

4 Sleeper = R6030.00 per week or part thereof.
6 sleeper = R9037.50 per week or part thereof.

Timeshare week commences Friday ending
on the following Friday.


a.  in cases where a member owns week 52 and week1 they have the first option to reserve the week 53 but are liable for the levy for that week 53.

b.  There are some owners who own week 53 contractually and are therefore responsible for the payment of the levy for that week. However, the shareholder can offer the unit back to the resort should they not wish to pay the levy. . 

c.  Thereafter if weeks were still available the owners of week 52 and or week 1 have second option on a first come first served basis to rent the unit but pay the levy for that week.

d.  And thereafter, if units still remain available the offer is open to all other shareholders at the price of the levy, or rent same out at a commercial rental value, proceeds for benefit of the shareblock.

Click here  - Annexure to the sale agreement.

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                    Reg: 1988/005970/07
                    Manunal in terms of Section 51 of the Act, 2 of 2000

Click Here    NOTICE OF ASM, 15th July 2017
                    Time: 10.00am
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Time to come and enjoy
Good News - Bring your own DSTV
Timeshare provides 14 channels of DSTV. After many enquiries, a decision was taken to provide the facility for shareholders, guests and club guests to bring your own DSTV. The connection as can be seen is simple, and there are no requests that you will have to make with DSTV to have your system connected.
So, please bring along your own DSTV decoders with your smart card, follow the instructions and enjoy the full bouquet or TV programs you are accustomed to.
If you forget, there is always the normal TV provided by the resort which is the said 14 channels.
The resort is further investigating the purchase of decoders for hire where guests have not brought there own.
Management wishes you lots of viewing pleasures.


Shareholders may now enjoy free WIFI on a fair use policy. Resort has access to use monitoring and will change download speeds where Internet usage is abused.

The system does not work with Discovery Explorer.
Salt Rock Palms Timeshare
LEVIES 2017 per week

4 Sleeper = R4020.00
6 Sleeper = R6025.00

Less 5% if levies paid on or before
February 2017
Please remember to refresh your computers from time to time by pressing the Ctrl key and F5 together. .
This will refresh the computer as it flushes the history.

Shareholders, please be reminded that it is your responsibility (The Timeshare owner) to check the date for occupation of the week/s owing to you. You can also phone RCI and other Holiday Clubs who will be happy to advise.
For ease of reference the dates are advertised on the webpage. Our week starts on a Friday.


It is imperative that arrival dates and departure times must stricly be adhered to.
Units have to be prepared which puts enormous pressure on staff.
Occupation is stricly from 2.00pm and departures are no later than 10.00am on the following Friday.
The breakage deposit will be forfeited if these times are not adhered to.
T&C's Apply : E&OA